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3 BEST Stocks To Buy Now Every Month | Investing For Life | Rahul…

This video will give you 3 BEST Stocks to buy now every month.

It’s hard to find the best stocks to buy now every month in 2023 given the market conditions but I share 3 best undervalued stocks that you can start buying now every month for the long term investment.

Please take this video as education and do your own further research to shortlist best stocks for 2023 as per your risk appetite.

Investing for life by finding the best stocks for long term investment in 2023 is simplified in this video.

I have used multiple financial ratios such as profitability, valuation, debt etc to find the 3 most undervalued stocks in 2023. You can use this logic not only in 2023 but in any year.

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I am also available on:

🚀💥Email: collabs.rahuljain@gmail.com

🚀💥 Insta: https://www.instagram.com/torahulj/

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At 14 🧒, I founded my first business and sold thousands of comics. Ran it for 3 years.

2004, I felt proud of getting a gold medal for my B.Tech from NIT Jaipur in Metallurgy. 💪

I got hired by a steel company. 11 months into it, I couldn’t stand the heat, dust, and noise. 😔

The gold medal I achieved didn’t help me. 4 years of my engineering felt wasted. 😢

I quit. 🤞

2005, I got into a tier 3 MBA school BIMM Pune. Got hired by Mindtree as a Business Analyst. 😊

2010 changed my life and I came to London and became a proud Londoner since then. 😊

Over 14 years, I grew into an IT leader and currently spend my 9-6 as an IT delivery Manager 👨💻

I can only be found on Tennis courts on Thursday evenings, strong at forehand and weak at backhand. 🎾

Every Sunday I teach 👨🏫 moral and Jain values to the kids 🚸 of age group 4-8.

On this channel, I share insights about the following:
• Personal Finance
• Career
• LinkedIn


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PLEASE NOTE that I AM NOT A SEBI-REGISTERED ADVISOR so please do your own research. This video is only for educational and entertainment purposes.

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