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David Morgan – Palladium Investing, Rhodium Investing, or Platinu…

Proven and Probable provides insights on mining companies, junior miners, gold mining stocks, uranium, silver, platinum, zinc & copper mining stocks, silver and gold bullion in Canada, the US, Australia and beyond.

“David Morgan of the Morgan Report sits downs with Maurice Jackson of Proven and Probable to discuss current anomalies in the precious metals industry that are responsible for platinum stock movements. We’ll be discussing platinum, palladium, and rhodium; their scarcity-to-value ratio; and what these factors mean for investors interested in platinum investment. David will uncover the supply and demand fundamentals on mining, cost of production, utility, and ratios that affect movements of platinum stock on the market. Speculators will find some unique opportunities that these anomalies are creating for palladium investing, platinum investing, and rhodium investing.

Watch as we cover how platinum and palladium can be used to take out pollution out of the internal combustion engine cycle to reduce environmental impact. We’ll also review how the supply and demand of the market determine the attractiveness of both metals – with momentum benefiting palladium with a great spread trade, while platinum allows investors to go long at the moment. In a small market, the importance to move in first remains important.

The topic of interest for PGM (Platinum Group Metals) remains cost of production and mining locations. South Africa and Russia continue to be leaders in the production of platinum, with both jurisdictions posing some issues with import and shipment to the West. Cost of production remains high, which continues to impact the industry and labor force. Buying Palladium or Platinum stocks is the safest way to invest in the metals.

We also explore the rhodium market, which is currently very limited and stalled compared to the Gold market.

In addition, Mr. Morgan will address his thoughts on crypto-currencies and what they mean for the banking system and the free market. Are they the future of transaction and platinum investing, or just another doomed currency? Find out in this comprehensive interview with one of the most respected names in the natural resource space.



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