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Market Profile Analysis of S&P Futures – 12.09.16…

Market Profile Value Areas and POC figures for /ESZ6 and /NQZ6 Futures are posted free every morning HERE. Click on any posts in the list on the left pane to see them in the main window. Don’t click on the ST logo as it will just refresh the page and you’ll get only the topmost post over and over. Click on the title or text.

market profile

Continued one timeframing to the upside. Prices continue to be accepted higher with no repair of the poor structure of the breakout day two days ago. Sellers are simply not very present at the moment. Continue to “go with” until it doesn’t work anymore.

Once again the overnight range is very tight and overnight inventory is very balanced. As of now the market would be opening within balance.

There is obviously little to report here while the market is trending and one timeframing. Longer term longs should hold using prior day’s lows as stops. The biggest news this morning is that you should be trading the /ESH7 now instead of the /ESZ6.

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