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The Complete List of Canadian Gold ETFs…

Gold is seen as a safe heaven during market turbulence and economic unknowns but it can be scary to invest in gold. Do you buy physical gold bullions? Do you buy a gold miner without understanding all the socioeconomic challenges that a miner could face? Or do you simply go for a Gold ETF? Those are the 3 options available to you to get gold exposure. As it happens, you actually can use a Canadian Gold ETF to expose yourself to the physical gold or to the gold miners or to both. The options with gold ETFs are there.

While Exchange Traded-Funds (or ETFs for short) were introduced in the 1990’s, they have recently become a strong investment vehicles for many investors to avoid the abusive management fees of the mutual funds. ETFs can provide a way to get exposed to gold if that’s of interest. Below are the Canadian gold ETFs you can pick from.

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List of Canadian Gold ETFs

Here are the complete list of Canadian gold ETFs and their performance over the past 5 years. While they have a focus on gold, the performance is far from being equal. I have excluded ETFs that invest in “future” derivatives as it falls outside of bullions and stocks and is more akin to trading a currency.

While I do not have gold in my portfolio, gold has long been considered a defensive investment. Holding gold can put your mind at ease during poor market conditions, or market volatility. Another option is to hold bonds but it doesn’t have the same performance against inflation as some would say.

Obviously, no one can predict gold prices and your guess is as good as mine when it comes to how gold will be priced in the future but for now we can evaluate the various approach of the listed Canadian gold ETFs. 

Now, it’s important to separate the asset classes to compare apples to apples. As such you can see how the gold bullion ETFs do separately from the gold miners.

Canadian Gold Bullion ETFs

The objective of the following ETFs is to replicate the performance of the price of gold bullion for investors, less expenses and fees. Many have a $USD option as well if desired.

Dividend Adjusted Chart by StockRover.

Canadian Gold Stocks ETFs

The purpose of those ETFs is to primarily expose investors to gold stocks through various strategies. 

Dividend Adjusted Chart by StockRover.

Each of the ETFs will hold the various gold stocks traded on the Canadian and US exchanges.

DISCLOSURE: Please note that I may have a position in one or many of the holdings listed. For a complete list of my holdings, please see my Dividend Portfolio.

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