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Using Pingdom for Basic Third Party Monitoring…

Pingdom essentially performs basic health checks of public facing end points. At Xignite, we’ve been a long time user of Pingdom- since 2009. As mentioned previously, we’ve spent years building a highly Xignite specific monitoring system, so why also use Pingdom? There are a few reasons in doing so:

  1. Gives us an independent set of “eyes”.
  2. Tests of our API from many locations across the globe.
  3. Objectively measures our uptime for service level agreements (SLAs).
  4. Provides a status page, http://status.xignite.com, completely independent of any of Xignite’s infrastructure.

This independent set of eyes (#1) from multiple locations (#2) is helpful in detecting general connectivity problems customers might be experiencing due to Internet problems that are outside Xignite’s instrastructure. As an example, it was these independent checks that first alerted our operations staff to the June 2014 DNS incident and our integration of these Pingdom alerts with PagerDuty allowed us to react quickly.

The neutrality in measuring SLAs (#3) is another important aspect. When measuring uptime for SLAs this eases the burden, as there aren’t disputes about what is or is not considered up.

In fact you don’t have to take our word for our reliability, we publish it historically back to April 2013 and updated in real time at http://status.xignite.com.


You can always go and take a look yourself to see if there are any serious problems with Xignite’s infrastructure. In the event of an unlikely major failure, this would allow you to check for yourself instead of making a support request. Rest assured though, if you see any problems here Xignite will already be issuing an “all hands on deck” to respond.

To summarize, Pingdom is just another tool in our toolbox to help ensure all systems are up and running normally.




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