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Fair Value Stock Investing का एक Unique तरीका सीखें ।…

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In this video, we have with us our rocking host Mr. Vivek Bajaj, co-founder of StockEdge and Elearnmarkets, in conversation with Mr. Nikhil Gangil.

He did his M.tech. in structural engineering from IIT Madras, coming from Gwalior, with a family background in business.
He started active investing in 2014 and his strengths have been in value investing.
After 3-4 years of mediocre performance, he started focusing on creating his own strategies.
In 2018, he and his 2 other friends came up with a mathematical model which helped them calculate the minimum and maximum intrinsic value of businesses which turned out to be a breakthrough for them in long term.
His future plan is to start an advisory in equity after he gets the license.
He is 28 and he started investing at 20.

In this video, our guest speaker will talk about intrinsic value and value investing. This presentation will revolve around investments and how they can be a vital source of income for people who also have a job or a business on the side.

He will teach the viewers about value investing and its demonstration in the financial market. The stocks are also mentioned for more clarity that includes auto stocks, IT stocks, and others.

As his strength is intrinsic value, this presentation will also focus on this, which has been a significant subject on investing.

He will also talk about various cycles in the financial market such as the ideal down cycle and investment cycles.

The whole video will discuss Fair Value Stock Investing in a broader aspect with important topics that are necessary for investors to know about. His strategy will also be included in this video, which is a great solution for others who are trying to get a proper income through their investments.

So watch this video to know about fair value stock investing and Fair Value Stock Investing का एक Unique तरीका सीखें ।

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