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My $100k Stock Investment Portfolio | How I make $2614 in Passive…

So full transparency here, I’m not at 100k just yet, but I am at $92,373 currently, and I’ll be at 100k by the end of august by can’t rush it because of my strategy.

1. Now before I show my portfolio here is my strategy
– This way you can get the same results I’ve gotten
– Because also though 100k is cool, I rather teach you how to make it
– Then just show you a number on my phone.

First thing: How Much
– I invest every single week, 100% of the money I pay myself
– The idea is by doing this I’m doing dollar cost average ( so buy low and high, but in the end at the average price ( so I take on less risk)
– It has to be around the same amount of money consistently over a lot period of time in order to work. ( you start with 10-20% of your income)

Tip: I only break this rule and invest more, if the market crashes and my investments are on sale

Second Thing: Well balance Portfolio with ETFs and Bonds
– My portfolio which you will see in 30 seconds
– Is very diversified, between American stocks, outside the u.s, and even into different arear of the market
– This way again I don’t carry that much risk

Third thing: my goal
– I’m not in rush to my trillion dollars, I understand the market and I know I have to be patient
– So once my investment can make a little over 40k per year in dividend, I reach my goal
– I’ll keep investing but more on autopilot

2. Here is my Portfolio and here is what its made up of
– I use 2 main apps for my investments ( acorns and m1 finance)
– But in total, I have money in over 5 of them.

Acorns: 1st
– I started this portfolio with $7.60, then I started doing $500 a week, and then when my portfolio went negative I invested a ton of money to buy at a discount. ( that was back in March and because of that my portfolio is up 18%) – this 31k pays me around $74.56
– I like acorns because its 100% passive investing and you can set and let your money work for you. ( internet and phone bill)

M1 Finance:
– What I have here is a replica of my acorns portfolio, nowhere is why. Because in the future I may want to take the dividend my investment makes. Because acorns reinvest everything automatically I can’t do that, but with m1 finance, I can have the option for the future. ( but I don’t plan on touching the dividend for years 10-30 years plus honestly) – this pays me $49 bucks per month ( Netflix and my gym bill)

Sofi Money:
– Now, this an app I was using when I want to invest instantly without waiting for a transfer because I had a lot of cash inside. So currently I only have 3 holdings and everything else when you guys sign up. ( this pays me around $52 per month) – enough to pay half the insurance when I get a car

– I rarely ever use this app for investing, but mostly for my spending account, I like their debit card. ( but that $33 bucks can help pay the gas when I have a car )

Cash app:
– I used this app one, and it was because I maxed out all my investment money everywhere else, and needed to send the money asap. ( with this $7.82, I can pay for Disney plus lol)

3. Overall:
– The goal of this investment portfolio is to eventually cover not just the small stuff but also the mortgage and the big expenses like kids
– So step by step I’ll get there
– If you want to start small, start with 10% and if you make 40k per year, and get an 8% return. In 30 years that’s 489k, with money you don’t even miss.

Link: https://acorns.com/invite/38EYSU
Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSFwHSrq4Lw

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Link: https://www.sofi.com/invite/money/?gcp=859572de-9547-431b-ad74-c8ea1a9f4a0c

Link: https://share.robinhood.com/tommyt172

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