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Queen opens new London Stock Exchange…

(27 Jul 2004) SHOTLIST
1. Wide shot new London Stock Exchange
2. Royal car approaches to applause of crowds
3. Queen Elizabeth II and Duke of Edinburgh and get out and meet Christopher Gibson-Smith, chairman of the London Stock Exchange, and others
4. Wide shot interior new London Stock Exchange and The Source in centre
5. Gibson-Smith invites Queen to put hand on ball to set The Source (artwork) in motion, she does, pull out to The Source as balls start to rise in the air
6. Closer shot balls rising
7. Close up Queen watching and smiling, Gibson-Smith
8. Wide shot balls static up in the air
9. Mid shot Queen meets woman who looks after the markets
10. Close up as Queen talks to her, smiles
11. Wide shot reception room, Queen looking at model of new London Stock Exchange
12. Closer shot Queen looking at model
13. Wide shot atrium
14. Queen is presented with bouquet by little disabled girl
15. Wide shot exterior front, crowds
16. Queen talks to crowds
17. Duke talks to crowds
18. Queen and Duke climb into car, applause
19. Cutaway crowd, pan to royal car driving away, royals wave from back
Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II opened the new London Stock Exchange on Tuesday, marking a move from its old home of more than 200 years.
The new building at Paternoster Square, near St. Paul’s Cathedral, does not have a trading floor, reflecting the style of trading in the electronic age.
Instead, it will be used as a centre for meetings and conferences.
The queen officially opened the building by switching on The Source, a commissioned artwork in the main lobby of the new building.
She placed her gloved hand on an electronic ball and 729 spheres, suspended on metal cables, began to levitate.
A quizzical Duke of Edinburgh looked on as the white globes rose into the air and formed seemingly random patterns the height of London’s new Stock Exchange building.
The Source, designed by the British artist collective, Greyworld, will mark the start and finish of each day’s trading and indicate the state of the London market, whether it is up or down.
Just as a famous bell is rung to commence and cease trading on New York’s Wall Street, in London there are now the floating balls.
The new building is a far cry from the coffee houses of 17th century London where the exchange began.
It traded for more than 200 years in buildings in Old Broad Street, but after a final renovation in 1972 that location was deemed outdated.
“The queen opened the former Stock Exchange Tower in 1972, and we are delighted that she has returned to open
our new headquarters,” said Christopher Gibson-Smith, chairman of the London Stock Exchange.
“The contrast between the two buildings underlines just how much the London Stock Exchange has changed in the last 30 years,” he added.

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